• Punjabi Tarka – Moong Daal

    Punjabi Tarka – Moong Daal

    This Moong Daal has always been very special to me. It’s super easy to make and it is very healthy. Growing up in India, my mom used to make this lentil Moong Daal a lot – and all of my siblings Loved It ! My … Read more

  • Feta Cheese Kebabs

    Feta Cheese Kebabs

    The Feta Cheese Kebabs are such a low carb, guilt-free, super delicious treat ! Once you make them, you will want to go back to and make them again and again ! Plus they are low in calories, so you don’t have to worry if … Read more

  • Mango Cupcakes

    Mango Cupcakes

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  • Beetroot Hummus

    Beetroot Hummus

    Hummus is my all time favorite snack to eat. And the color of beetroot hummus attract the little kids too. My daughter love this hummus she calls it pink hummus. It is a very good way to give little kids healthy snacks with hidden veggies! … Read more

  • Carom Seed Cookies

    Carom Seed Cookies

    I have very fond memories with these cookies back to when i was child. I still remember the smell of these cookies whenever i used to go to my Dad’s bakery. These cookies were the most famous one in our bakery. I wish my Dad … Read more